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About Us

The nappy library exists to provide free advice to anyone that would like information on the practical use of reusable cloth nappies.  We also provide a hire service which allows people to try nappies before they buy them, as each family is different and babies are all shapes and sizes, so what works brilliantly for one family may not for another.

We are run by parent volunteers and do not sell nappies, but if you do hire from us then we can access special discount codes that are shared via the UK cloth nappy network.  Our nappy volunteers are part of the wider Dumfries charity group, Bump Baby and Beyond. 

The nappy library was initially set up by Anna Robertson, who used reusable nappies on all three of her boys and has helped many families across the region.

Meet Our Volunteers



Laura has used cloth nappies full time with both of her children, she loves the classic terry nappy as they are bomb proof, economical and truly last birth to potty. Though she was initially petrified of the 'terry folding' she soon realised that performing a skill 7-10 times per day makes you an expert.   

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